Decorate with Warm Fall Colors 2014 – Calgary

Warm up with the fall colors that nature provides

Colors can be brought into our rooms to comfort us

through the long winter months.

Decorating your home every season

will provide you with a fresh look with your decor. 

Decorate your living room with warm fall colors in 2014 orange, yellow and reds

Decorating can start with a piece of artwork

Art is personal.

It’s what you like.

It’s what attracted you in the first place.

The warm reds, yellows and oranges add heat into your space.

Decorate your walls with artwork that has fall colors of yellow, orange, and red


Yellow can bring the sunshine in! 

Decorating birdcage warm fall colors interior Yellow orange bright

If Orange is the new Black

If Orange is the new Black

then this is the time to use it!


  1. Thanks for the great tips.

    I really like your artwork 🙂


  2. Thanks for the feedback.

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