Decorating & Staging


I consult with you as to what your plans are in the room or rooms that you want to focus on.
I will need input from you about colors you may like, and I will take photos of your focus rooms.

Using my photos and information that you have given me, I create a unique report for your home with ideas that work with your needs.

The report is presented to you within days, you can hire me further to shop with you or help with the execution of the entire report plan, or parts that you choose to do.


Working within your budget we can use accessories that you already have.

I you may chose for me to go shopping, we could meet at places that meet your budget including Value Village, Home Sense or even Bondars.


Staging prices varies if we can work with what you have. There are staging companies that rent out furniture if you require this.


Should you choose to need organizing I am available for help with this.

My prices are very reasonable.
Each project has specific needs.
Please call to meet and review your needs so I can give you a quote of what the job will cost.

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