Packages for Staging and Interior Design


If you are currently selling your home or planning to in the near future I can help you get the money you want;

  • Making your dwelling bring out the beauty in you.
  • Using small changes to make “BIG” differences.
  • Finding your homes hidden treasures.

1) “Sparkling” package ($150 for 2 hours)
This is for the client who want to present interior design that is refined and of fine quality that will suit your style of living.

  • Consideration of space
  • Top 3 recommendations per room

2) “Awe Inspiring” package ($350 – $700 …5-10 hours depending on hours required)
The classic taste within you will be screaming to your buyers who want to have a home that has “always perfect taste” written all over it.

  • Consideration of space
  • Top 3 recommendations per room
  • Complete stage

3) “Will Amaze You” package (Ask for a price quote)
This is for the client that wants to spotlight there stunning interior design and showcase a home that is undreamed of.

  • Determining your function and needs
  • Recommendations & solutions
  • Cost analysis
  • Drawings and Renderings
  • Staging
  • Customer approval


Call Me: Veronica at 403-809-7633

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